Why is moisturiser so important for your face?

It’s not a secret for anyone that there are two ‘problematic’ types of skin, oily and dry ones. Both of them have their own problems, but you should know that it’s not so easy to fight them as well. Your skin may change its condition from ‘dry’ to ‘oily’ if you use some wrong cosmetic solutions. In this article, we’d like to talk more about the problem of moisturising your face and making it look better.

The first thing we should mention is the consequences of a bad moisturiser. If you have a bad one, it can multiply your skin problems, making it extremely dry in some areas. If it happens, your skin may start becoming oily, in order to protect these areas. You can change your problems in such way.

While using the moisturiser, you should pick a right oil-free product. It will either moisturise your problematic skin or won’t allow it to become oily in the future. That will be definitely that ‘healthy’ dose of hydration, required by your face.

You should also avoid moisturisers, containing the alcohol. It may also be dangerous for your skin, so you’d better choose some solutions, based on hyaluronic acid and glycerin.

Another spread problem, which arises quietly often is having an extremely dry skin, which doesn’t allow placing the moisturiser (makeup simply flakes off). In this case, the dermatologists advise combining the lightweight and the thicker moisturisers, applying them one-by-one.

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