Why do you have those under eyes circles?

Circles under our eyes may have different reasons – that’s why it’s not possible to answer the question why do you have them for sure. However, in this article, we’ll try to list some of the most common factors that lead to the dark circles under your eyes.

So, the first reason of under eyes circles is genetics. You should probably know some people, who have these circles for the whole life. They’ve become the part of their image, their appearance. It means, that their parents or grandparents had the same type of circles.

Another reason for dark circles is rubbing. It causes the inflammation processes and the broken blood vessels under your skin in the eyes area. As a result, the dark circles appear. One more factor, influencing our skin, in the same way, is an allergy. It makes us itch our eyes and, in the same way, makes us broke our smallest blood vessels as well.

Makeup may be another enemy for our appearance if we are talking about the unattractive dark circles. It may either cause allergic reactions (leading to itching) or create visual circles on your own.

Just like the genetics, one more factor, which can’t be fixed by us, is our face bone structure. Because of the bones, creating a shadow under your eyes, the people around you may see the circles we are talking about. Fighting them may include a smart using of some makeup.

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