The disadvantages of anti-wrinkle creams

Each woman, no matter how old she is, dreams about having nice and smooth skin. If she is 20-25 years old only, it’s not a problem for her to keep her face looking pretty with no big efforts. However, as soon as a woman gets older, her face starts getting first wrinkles, which may look not so attractively. She notices them and, naturally, uses some anti-wrinkle solutions, which are highly promoted by TV ads. But are the anti-wrinkle creams really so great, as they are described on TV? We have some serious doubts about it. Let’s find out some of the most common cons of the wrinkle creams.

1.The cost. Price is the real problem for many women, who would like to use an anti-wrinkle cream on a regular basis. Some of them are offered for more than $55 so that it’s not an affordable solution for everyone.

2.The actual results. Many creams influence your skin in a specific way. They just exfoliate the dead cells from your face, creating a good look for your skin. However, it’s a simple and temporary solution. In several days your wrinkles will become visible again. So that you’ll have to use your cream again.

3.Side effects. There are several ways your anti-wrinkle cream can influence your skin negatively. For example, one of them is the irritation. It can become the result of high dryness of your skin, influenced by the active components in your cream. It can lead to some more serious problems, so that we advice you to visit your doctor before you use the cream.

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