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Caring about your skin easily

Some women think, that caring of their skin is a difficult regular job, which needs much time and money. However, it’s not that true. There are some simple and effective tips, which are going to make your face look younger and fresher. Here they are.

1.Smoothen your skin with a sour cream

Sour cream is a natural diary product, which may make your skin much smother. Besides, it’s pretty cheap, in comparison with the professional cosmetics. All you have to do is applying a tablespoon of a sour cream to your skin for 20-25 minutes. After that the sour cream can be removed easily. As the result, the lactic acid from the sour cream helps making a skin smooth.

2.Tired of foot odor? Use tea

This repice may seem strange, but it works nicely. All you have to do is applying the tea to your feet, in order to get rid of a smell. It is effected due to the change of the pH of your skin, so that the main source of an odor gets away.

3.Do you have a red face? Forget about it!

There is a simple and very effective way to get rid of the redness of your face. All you need is a glass of an ice water, which influences your blood vessels. It results in a cooling effect from the inside, which becomes obvious for other people pretty fast.

And remember, there are many simple and easy ways to improve your skin health. Just learn more about it and use them!

How to have a healthy skin? Here are some tips!

It’s not a secret that having a healthy and good looking skin is not a single-time approach. It’s definitely the long-term strategy, based on the regular activities and choices. In this article we’d like to look at some of them.
1.Your breakfast influences your skin
Nutritionists claim that your breakfast influences your skin a lot. All you need is have it regularly. Your breakfast should be balanced as well, in order to meet the needs of your body. Consume different fruits and vegetables, fish and diary, in order to make your skin look healthy.
2.Be aware of dryness
Dry skin is not a healthy condition for your face. Use some special solutions for moisturizing. Some women choose special lotions and creams, while other prefer sprays with all of the necessary minerals to protect their skin.
3.Are you stressed?
Stress may not influence your nerves only. It is dangerous for your skin as well. A special hormone, which is released by our body in stress, causes negative consequences for our face, including psoriasis, breakouts, etc.
4.Some products are your enemies
You may even not to know about it, but some of the products you consume are your real enemies. For example, a soda, which contains sodium, belongs to such ones. It influences your skin negatively, making it look older. Simply stop drinking it and you’ll be amazed at the results!
5.Eat less sugar!
Sugar, containing in sweets, is dangerous not for our teeth only. It is also the enemy for our skin collagen, limiting its regeneration.

What causes wrinkles on your face?

Today many women take care of their skin, in order to get rid of wrinkles, making them look older. However, sometimes it’s much easier to avoid the problem, instead of fixing its results. That’s why in this article we describe some of the reason of wrinkles appearing on your face.

It may be a surprising fact for you, but using some of the anti-aging products may lead to wrinkles on your face. We don’t know, how most of them act – that’s why we use several types of such products at the same time. However, the dermatologists claim that women should choose the smart usage of skin care products, in order not to make the situation worse.

Another example is an ‘organic’-fanatics, who use natural products, assuming them not to cause wrinkles. As the dermatologists say, poison ivy is organic as well – but it’s hardly useful for your body.

Sleeping on your stomach or your side is another reason for wrinkles on your face. The best solution for avoiding them is lying on the back.

Scrubbing your face and peeling its natural top-layer off is another mistake, leading to the wrinkles. When women do their best to make the face cleaner, using harsh soap or something like that, they may cause wrinkles on their face as well. It’s better to choose some soft products, which won’t leave such negative results.

Besides the mentioned above, there are many different reasons for wrinkles appearing. Smoking, not using the sunscreen and unhealthy diet belong to them. Be careful!

Keeping your skin healthy is easy (Part 2)

4.Hair products are dangerous for your face skin. You may argue, that you don’t use them and they don’t contact with each other, but it’s a false. If you use spray, it definitely covers your face as well. Another example of such a contact s sports – your sweat, running down from the hair, contains some ingredients of such a product. We’d like to give you an advice, that you’d better use some sweatband or something like that.

5.Sleeping well is important. Just the like the whole body, the skin, being its part, needs some time to get regenerated. If you have not enough sleep, your skin can suffer – it won’t be recovering, so that you see the negative affect soon. Sleep well, as much, as your skin needs.

6.Daily moisturizing is one more tool for the skin care. It prevents you from the dry skin, which is a widely spread problem for women of all ages. The dry skin suffers from aging so that the girl with a dry skin looks much older. Think about it well, and carry some moisturizing lotion in your bag!

7.Natural masks is another way to look well. They can bring to your skin some of the nutrients, which were not available from the foods you consume. Just pick any idea on which mask you can choose and make it – it’s cheap, easy and fun. But the final results may be amazing!

The top-3 most effective products for your dry skin

You know, hot it can be difficult to keep your skin healthy. If you have a dry type of skin, it becomes even harder: different environmental factors (like heat or cold, for example), influence your skin negatively. In order to do something with this, you should use some special set of products. Here are some of their names and descriptions. Remember, they won’t suit for the oily skin, but they are perfect for the dry one.

Vanicream seems to be ‘number one’ moisturizing product for a skin. Thanks to its formula, Vanicream hydrates our skin, making it much better. The advantage of this product is in its affordable price and the presence in any drugstore’s assortment.

Another good product for your dry skin is CeraVe. As a rule, it is supplied in the cream-format, but some forums reviews say that it can also be in a lotion formula. That’s the advantage – you can choose any type of the format you’d like. There is also the variety of jar sizes of CeraVe as well. Its cost is under 18$ in most of local drugstores.

One more good solution for your dry skin is Neutrogena Norwegian Formula – a product, which has a little bit different mechanism of action. It doesn’t just moisturize your skin, but also helps it keep the moisture and save its good look. The results of its action can be seen up to 24 hours on your face.

You can try any of these or any other products and leave a reply about the results of its action.