Smoking is dangerous for your face skin

A lot of women, who care of their face skin, are smoking at the same time. However, it’s a straight way to bring harm to your skin. In this article we’d like to pay attention to the bad influence of smoking on a human skin.

First of all, it’s worth mentioning, that the evidential results of smoking on your skin are wrinkles. They make your face look much older and less attractive. It’s caused with the decreasing of a blood flow in your skin, which is the result of narrowing the small blood vessels.

Second, smoking is bad for collagen. You should probably have heard this term while watching the face lifting cream TV ads. They say, that collagen is a main resource, which is making our skin look healthy and young. Smoking destroyes collagen, as well as one more another material – elistin. Both of them are responsible for the fresh look of our skin, its health and beauty.

Third, smoking results into the permanent destruction of the mentioned above materials. It means, that no face lifting cosmetic solutions will help you to restore the appearance of your face.

So, if you are still an active smoker, your best way to start improving your face skin health is quitting. After that, you can start doing some other actions, aimed on restoration and renowation of your skin structure. For more information, please read other articles, posted on our blog, related to this subject.

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