Skincare Tips For Men – Part One

Men tend to neglect their skin due to a very popular belief that only women are allowed to use skincare products. Men also have sensitive skin, and harsh weather conditions can damage it, causing redness, rush, acne and similar problems. In this article we bring you some tips all men should follow if they want to have nice and healthy skin.

Use moisturizer

A splash of cold water in the morning in combination with a good moisturizer is a great way to start a day. Right immediately after cleansing, daily lotion should become your habit. Apply moisturizer when skin is still slightly damp to help seal in moisture. There are two types of moisturizers – oil and water based. If you have normal skin, oil based lotion would be just fine for your skin. But, if you have dry or flaky skin, a water based product is something you should look for.


Using lotion in the morning is only one part of the equation – your skin still needs to be moisturized throughout the day. In order to keep your skin and body well hydrated, try to drink six to eight glasses of water every day. Stay away from alcohol and caffeine, because they’re harmful for the skin – they can cause severe dehydrating effects.

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