Skincare By Age

Your skin demands different treatments at different stages of your life, and all women on this planet are going through such transitions. But, you probably didn’t know how to treat your skin properly in your 20s, 30s and beyond. Here are a few simple tips regarding skincare.


There are a couple of skin problems that characterize this decade of your life. The first (and probably the most annoying one) are acne. Attempting to get rid of them is usually the number-one priority in your life when it comes to skincare. Try to look for a water-based, oil-free lotion or gel with salicylic acid. The other problem is how to prevent and battle “breakouts”. Choose an oil-free, gel-based cleanser with salicylic acid – it can be very helpful.


Mid or late 30s are the time when you start noticing fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin tone becomes uneven. Your skin will be grateful if you use an anti-age product enriched with retinol. Using anti-agers can sometimes provoke your skin, so it is very important to use some type of a gentle cleanser, just to offset irritating effects.


Unfortunately, wrinkles and age spots have likely set in. The solution is simple – use peptide-packed moisturizers. They even-out pigment and increase collagen. In your 40s your skin starts to lose some of its tone and texture, so it’s suggested to use cleansers with low concentrations of exfoliating alpha or beta hydroxyl-acids.


In this decade hormonal changes can lead to dehydrated skin. You should try to fight these effects by using glycolic acid – it revs up cell turnover and your skin stays smooth.

After 50s

A natural decrease in estrogen makes your skin drier and less elastic in this period. Brown spots are still a problem. Choose a wash with glycolic acid to renew skin cells and improve the look of your skin.

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