Skin Care Tips for Men in Winter Season


We’re all well aware of how intense and ruthless winters can be. There effects are many, but our health is affected the most. The dry cold air in winter causes our skin to dry up whatever part gets exposed suffers this state. If not taken care our lips and face (cheeks mostly) tend to become flake like & eventually fall off. Such dilemmas can be avoided, as they say prevention is better than cure. A number of traditional and advance age procedures allow us to face the harsh winters.

Keeping skin moisturized is essential, this way the skin won’t dry up, hence no bother of flaky skin. Use any effective cold cream to protect against the chilled breeze, or simply use naturally extracted Aloe-Vera gel it has multiple benefits. A bit of olive oil can also be used to moisten your skin. Added benefit no harmful effect. Though try not to apply to much, it might make you inflammable. Use of soap should be minimized; it helps reduce dry skin problems especially in winters.

Use sunscreen or some good effective sun block whenever you head out in winters, as the amount of UV in sunlight in winters is much higher. Take extensive care of skin around your eyes, lips and skin around nose. These are more sensitive. Before application of any of these remedies it best to have a through deep cleansing facial. Use of tomato & raspberry juice with cleansing milk is recommended for optimum effect. Take care at night not apply water on face after facial, rather use a wet swipe or towel.

Mixing shower oils in bath tub or simply using them after shower helps to moisten most of our body. Moreover no matter if it’s winter or summer it’s better for our skin to bath with lukewarm water.  Hot water bath does make us cozy however it damages our skin.

Taking healthy diet that provides essential vitamins & nutrients required for a healthy skin is vital. Usually we don’t feel much thirsty in winters that are another primary reason for our skin drying up. It’s vital to stay hydrated in winters even. Taking doses of tonics helps as well to maintain fresh skin. Heating systems that are used extensively also cause the air inside the building to dry up this triggers skin parching. Better to abstain or minimize the use of heating systems.

It’s not necessary to use commercial products they might save your time but can have some malicious side effects. You can use herbal remedies as well though they require time and concentration to be effective.

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