Protect your skin from the sun

Tanning is a favourite way to spend time for millions of women. They like lying in the sun for hours, getting a beautiful, chocolate-dark, tanned skin. However, not all of them care about the threats, which are related to tanning. In this article we’d like to give you an advice on how to keep your skin healthy, protecting it from the sun.

So, as we know, the sun is radioactive. Its radiation consists of the three kinds of different ultraviolet rays: UVA, UVB and UVC. The last one, UVC, almost doesn’t affect us, because it can’t reach the Earth through the ozone layer. However, UVA and UVB influence our skin hardly. Its affection is especially strong, if we are talking about the face skin. If you don’t want your skin to get covered with wrinkles, you should definitely make the following steps, in order to protect your skin.

1.Sunscreen. Humans invented the sunscreens, which are characterized with the SPF value (the Sun Protection Factor). You should choose it according to the type of skin you have. If you are a blonde with a white skin, the SPF should be equal at least 35.

2.Shade is good. In some periods of the day, the sun is too dangerous for our skin, even if we use sun protection. The best way to avoid its negative influence is going into the shade. These periods last between 11 a.m. and 3-4 p.m.

3.Cover your face with some clothing. It allows you avoiding the sunheats on the most vulnerable part of your body.

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