Pros And Cons Of Oily Skin

Although many people think that oily skin has no advantages, just as any other type, such skin has its pros and cons. Many people with oily skin believe that dry skin treatment methods are simple; on the other hand, those with dry skin have the opposite opinion. The truth is that it’s hard to say who the “winner” is when it comes to easiness of treatment. Regardless of that, here you’ll read something more about the pros and cons of having oily skin.


Better tanning – Naturally oily skin makes it easier to tan and also needs lesssun-tan oil. But, don’t forget to put sunscreen because your oily skin won’t protect you against UV rays.

Reducing fine lines –Oily skin can hide visible signs of aging, like fine lines and wrinkles. You could appear much younger than those with different skin type.

Soft skin –If you have oily skin one thing is certain – you won’t need to spend lots of money on specialized products. Your skin produces extra oil which provides a natural glow without using any additional products. Also, your skin will be softer due to a natural moisturizer.


Acne risk – Dermatologists say that the main reason for acne is the clogging of pores by oil. The logic is simple – more oil means a higher risk of pores clogging.

Constant care – Oily skin requires extra care and more frequent washing. If you skip the process of cleaning your skin, especially before sleep, the oil will continue to build up, thereby clogging the pores and creating a surplus of oil on your face. This will also make the application of make-up more difficult.

Shiny face – Some might say that this is the biggest disadvantage of oily skin. Just a little oil will give your skin a natural glow, but if there’s a lot of it, your skin will shine – that’s inevitable. Unfortunately, dermatologists are against constant use of products for skin drying. It might not seem that way, but by doing this you can actually increase the oil production.

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