Pros And Cons Of Dry Skin

People are struggling with skin problems every day. The fact is that different companies offer different solutions for different skin types. So it is very important to recognize whether you have oily or dry skin. And people usually believe that the problems with oily skin can be handled much easier than the ones associated with dry skin. Here you can read about the pros and cons of dry skin.


• First of all, with dry skin you don’t look “shiny” all day.
• In general, dry skin requires less care and less products than oily skin.
• It is less prone to spots or acne, due to less sebum production.
• Dry skin is thin and finely textured, so spotting pores can be difficult. This also means that people with dry skin (if properly treated) appears to look “younger” than those who are their age and have oily skin.
• Good nourishing and moisturizers with vitamins/minerals/plant extracts/oils can benefit dry skin and make it look nicer.


• Dry skin is prone to allergies and eczema.
• If you don’t take care of your dry skin, it can show signs of early aging.
• It gets dirty faster than oily skin, so it need regular cleaning.
• Dry skin is very sensitive.
• Dry skin is prone to sunburn.
• There are not so much products that suite dry skin. If you choose the wrong product, many allergies can develop.

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