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How to get the soft skin? 4 simple recommendations are given

Each woman dreams of having a soft skin, like a silk. However, this effect isn’t so easy to be achieved – as a rule, our skin becomes dry and harsh due to the negative influence of weather, temperature change, the sun, etc. In this article, we’d like to give you the effective advice that allows you making your skin much better. So, here are some real steps you should follow.

1.Daily cleansing.

Dermatologists say that we should take a shower once or twice a day, in order to remove all the dirt from its top layer. Using some special cleanser for your face is required – this is one of the most delicate parts of your body. You can also use some soft sponge to cleanse your arms, legs and neck.

2.Exfoliate your skin.

Another effective solution for removing dirt and the dead cells of your skin is exfoliation. It may be done with some special scrub, combined with gloves or a sponge. Dermatologists claim that exfoliating should be provided three times per week on average.

3.Use a fluffy towel for making your face dry.

The fluffy towel will be glided gently, making your face dry after your washing up. That’s why you should definitely use it each time.

4.Moisturizing is the answer.

Many women forget about the proper moisturising of their skin. In fact, that’s one of the biggest mistakes in your facial skin care. Chose a special product for your type of skin, in order to moisturise properly. It will allow you avoiding face skin dryness. This is especially important for sensitive skin.

A simple routine that will make your face beautiful

The real beauty of your face can be provided with some routine, repeating actions. They should become your habit, in order to bring some positive results for your health. Let’s look at this routine and see, whether you keep it or not.

1.Washing your face twice a day

The dermatologists claim that your face should be washed up twice a day, in order to look young and beautiful. You can do it in morning and evening, just before you go to bed. As a rule, a washcloth or a sponge are used for this procedure. A facial cleanser that suits your skin is also required.

2.Use warm water instead of hot

Hot water may be much more pleasant for you, but it’s dangerous for your skin. It strips human’s skin of the natural oils it has. As a result, it may result in a dry skin. In order to avoid it, use some warm water. It’s also great to wash up with a special moisturizing solution for your skin.

3.Moisturize your skin when you can

Even the oily skin needs moisturizing! All of the types of skin benefit from it. That’s why it’s recommended to leave your skin a little bit damp after you wash up. You should also remember about using some suitable lotion.

4.Pick the ‘right’ makeup

Not all of the types of makeup are harmful to your skin! The suitable types of makeup are harmless, but you should pick them with care.

How to maintain your healthy skin on a daily basis?

The secret of healthy skin, according to different studies, is the regular maintenance. A woman should take care of her face skin on a daily basis, if she wants to look attractive, healthy and beautiful. We would like to provide you with some of the most effective ways to keep your skin in a good condition.

1.Mind the right fats

Nutrition is everything when we talk about your health. You should do your best to have a complete menu that would fulfill all your needs in fats, vitamins and minerals. Yes, fats are important for your organism as well: they calm inflammatory processes, provide the cellular turnover, and make skin look better. You can find the ‘right’ fats in fish, seeds and nuts.

2.Water is still important

You are familiar with the theory of a huge importance of water for our body, aren’t you? According to the dermatologists, water is a necessary supplement for our organism. But it doesn’t mean that you should drink several glasses of water each day. We know that it’s not that easy. You can actually replace a glass of water with some water-based food, like vegetables or fruits. They are still important for your body and beauty.

3.Keep your moisture

A water consumption is important, but the question is whether it is kept in your organism, or not. In order to make water stay in your body, you should take care of elements that keep liquid in your body. Eat veggies like broccoli and lettuce that contain antioxidants. They play a huge role in keeping water inside your organism.

Why is moisturiser so important for your face?

It’s not a secret for anyone that there are two ‘problematic’ types of skin, oily and dry ones. Both of them have their own problems, but you should know that it’s not so easy to fight them as well. Your skin may change its condition from ‘dry’ to ‘oily’ if you use some wrong cosmetic solutions. In this article, we’d like to talk more about the problem of moisturising your face and making it look better.

The first thing we should mention is the consequences of a bad moisturiser. If you have a bad one, it can multiply your skin problems, making it extremely dry in some areas. If it happens, your skin may start becoming oily, in order to protect these areas. You can change your problems in such way.

While using the moisturiser, you should pick a right oil-free product. It will either moisturise your problematic skin or won’t allow it to become oily in the future. That will be definitely that ‘healthy’ dose of hydration, required by your face.

You should also avoid moisturisers, containing the alcohol. It may also be dangerous for your skin, so you’d better choose some solutions, based on hyaluronic acid and glycerin.

Another spread problem, which arises quietly often is having an extremely dry skin, which doesn’t allow placing the moisturiser (makeup simply flakes off). In this case, the dermatologists advise combining the lightweight and the thicker moisturisers, applying them one-by-one.

How should I eat to have an attractive skin?

It’s not a surprising fact that our skin and its look depend on the things we eat. Let’s say, if you eat well, consuming a healthy set of dishes and products, it has a positive impact on your skin. It reduces the redness, the number of the black dots and some other signs of the skin diseases. That’s why we should care about our diet.

Bobby Brown, a famous celebrity makeup artist, gives his advices on how to look attractively, simply following the things you eat.

So, he says that a person, who wants to have a healthy skin, should eat some fruits, containing vitamin-C. The list of them contains grapefruits, broccoli, oranges and cauliflower. The antioxidants in them allow stopping the ageing processes in our body and even getting rid of some small wrinkles.

Bobby also says that another important function of our skin, its elasticity, should also be improved with a help of omega-3 fatty acids, which can be found in salmon and walnuts. Consuming them, we make skin look younger and cleaner.

Another precious advice, that was made by the professional, who regularly deals with stars and famous people, relates to a frequent drinking of water. According to her, water makes our skin look better, fueling its cells. Not only the dermatologists but other scientists, who research the human’s body, also claim that it’s important for us.

Also, it’s worth remembering that fast food, as well as alcohol and smoking, affect our skin negatively. They start and speed up the ageing processes.