Natural Products For Skin

It’s known that girls use tons of products for different purposes. They use different products for hair, body care, skin care, hands etc. Lots of chemicals can help your skin momentarily, but chemicals can also cause permanent damage. So, whenever possible, try to use natural products for your skin. Most of these products can be self-made at your home, or you might already have them at your sight, you just don’t know how to use them.

Lotions and moisturizers

For most people, pure coconut oil is all that is needed for moisturizing the face. It’s naturally full of collagen supporting lauric acid and is easily absorbed by the skin. Even for oily and ace prone skin, coconut oil’s natural anti-bacterial properties make it a great option.
For those with dry skin or those who want to prevent aging naturally, a homemade lotion bar (made from coconut oil, shea/cocoa/mango butter and beeswax) is a great option. You can even add zinc oxide to make a sunscreen bar if you need the extra protection, or alter into a natural deodorant.

Natural Exfoliators

A sugar/oil scrub is great for most skin types when extra exfoliation is needed. Just mix equal parts oil (coconut, olive…) and sugar (white or brown) and use as a whole body exfoliator. For more oily skin, plain baking soda can be used to exfoliate skin and remove blackheads or dirt.

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