Man Up: Skin Care Hints To Bring Out That Knight In Shining Armour

man-67467_640For a long time, grooming and deportment was mainly the domain of women, conscious about fashion and how their appearance fit into this system. A quick dash into the bathroom, followed by soaping one’s face before drying oneself up, has long been the routine for most men. However, times are changing and the new age metro-sexual man is fast becoming cognisant of the need to spruce up his appearance including the way his skin looks and feels. This unfortunately is still fairly new ground for most guys and if you happen to be in that demographic, then this article is just for you. With a few adjustments in your grooming practice as well as consistency, you too may enjoy great looking, supple skin.

Top of the list is prioritizing cleanliness of the skin. Though it may sound obvious, it is imperative that one uses a mild cleanser that will leave the skin feeling fresh and squeaky clean. Things to avoid are uncomfortably hot showers and using callous soaps. These dry out one’s skin, leaving it ashy and rather unappealing.

Something else to keep in mind is the shaving process. Though it may seem reasonable to purchase low cost shaving razors, frugality may be your downfall in the quest for baby soft skin. Choosing a razor that does not comfortably get the job down or fails to offer the requisite sensitivity, the end result can be unsightly razor bumps and itchy skin. Combining a good razor with a reasonable shaving gel can have amazing results for your skin.

The above tips really fall away, for as long as one fails to implement a high-quality moisturizing regime. Moisturizing is the crowning glory of the wash process, hydrating and nourishing the skin, thus keeping it looking smooth and healthy all day long.

The last thing to be aware of is the use of sunblock or sunscreen. Having done all the work to achieve the look, it would all be futile if one lets the vicious sun’s rays get to one’s skin. Prolonged exposure can cause redness, skin cancers and irritations. With these skincare suggestions in tow, you are set to change your look and possibly drive the ladies crazy while you are at it.

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