Keeping your skin healthy is easy (Part 2)

4.Hair products are dangerous for your face skin. You may argue, that you don’t use them and they don’t contact with each other, but it’s a false. If you use spray, it definitely covers your face as well. Another example of such a contact s sports – your sweat, running down from the hair, contains some ingredients of such a product. We’d like to give you an advice, that you’d better use some sweatband or something like that.

5.Sleeping well is important. Just the like the whole body, the skin, being its part, needs some time to get regenerated. If you have not enough sleep, your skin can suffer – it won’t be recovering, so that you see the negative affect soon. Sleep well, as much, as your skin needs.

6.Daily moisturizing is one more tool for the skin care. It prevents you from the dry skin, which is a widely spread problem for women of all ages. The dry skin suffers from aging so that the girl with a dry skin looks much older. Think about it well, and carry some moisturizing lotion in your bag!

7.Natural masks is another way to look well. They can bring to your skin some of the nutrients, which were not available from the foods you consume. Just pick any idea on which mask you can choose and make it – it’s cheap, easy and fun. But the final results may be amazing!

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