Keeping your skin healthy is easy (Part 1)

Our skin is something like an indicator, which shows the condition of our organism clearly. If you lead an unhealthy way of life, your skin will definitely show it – and no cosmetical solutions will help you. Here are some advises on how to keep your skin healthy without additional efforts!

1.The diet

Eating leads to consuming some resources, found in foods, by our body. That’s why your diet is a basement for the whole health of your organism and skin in particular. It must be either well-balanced (so that you had an opportunity to get all of the nutrients you need), or contain some useful elements, which influence your skin positively. For example, all of the nutritionists claim, that consuming the greens is the correct path for the healthy you.

2.The sun

Lying in the sun is a good habit, which brings relax and joy in our life. However, it can be dangerous for our skin (especially for the facial one). That’s why we strongly recommend you to cover your face with some kind of protective lotion or any other solution, which lowers the negative effect of sun radiation.


Everyone talks the phone. It’s the part of our daily life, – to talk with our friends, family and so on. But the truth is that the phone is a huge resource of bacterias, which contact with your skin. The consequences are obvious.

You should care for your skin hygiene anywhere and anytime. It’s a ‘number one rule’ if you want to have a good-looking face skin.

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