How to get the soft skin? 4 simple recommendations are given

Each woman dreams of having a soft skin, like a silk. However, this effect isn’t so easy to be achieved – as a rule, our skin becomes dry and harsh due to the negative influence of weather, temperature change, the sun, etc. In this article, we’d like to give you the effective advice that allows you making your skin much better. So, here are some real steps you should follow.

1.Daily cleansing.

Dermatologists say that we should take a shower once or twice a day, in order to remove all the dirt from its top layer. Using some special cleanser for your face is required – this is one of the most delicate parts of your body. You can also use some soft sponge to cleanse your arms, legs and neck.

2.Exfoliate your skin.

Another effective solution for removing dirt and the dead cells of your skin is exfoliation. It may be done with some special scrub, combined with gloves or a sponge. Dermatologists claim that exfoliating should be provided three times per week on average.

3.Use a fluffy towel for making your face dry.

The fluffy towel will be glided gently, making your face dry after your washing up. That’s why you should definitely use it each time.

4.Moisturizing is the answer.

Many women forget about the proper moisturising of their skin. In fact, that’s one of the biggest mistakes in your facial skin care. Chose a special product for your type of skin, in order to moisturise properly. It will allow you avoiding face skin dryness. This is especially important for sensitive skin.

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