How should I eat to have an attractive skin?

It’s not a surprising fact that our skin and its look depend on the things we eat. Let’s say, if you eat well, consuming a healthy set of dishes and products, it has a positive impact on your skin. It reduces the redness, the number of the black dots and some other signs of the skin diseases. That’s why we should care about our diet.

Bobby Brown, a famous celebrity makeup artist, gives his advices on how to look attractively, simply following the things you eat.

So, he says that a person, who wants to have a healthy skin, should eat some fruits, containing vitamin-C. The list of them contains grapefruits, broccoli, oranges and cauliflower. The antioxidants in them allow stopping the ageing processes in our body and even getting rid of some small wrinkles.

Bobby also says that another important function of our skin, its elasticity, should also be improved with a help of omega-3 fatty acids, which can be found in salmon and walnuts. Consuming them, we make skin look younger and cleaner.

Another precious advice, that was made by the professional, who regularly deals with stars and famous people, relates to a frequent drinking of water. According to her, water makes our skin look better, fueling its cells. Not only the dermatologists but other scientists, who research the human’s body, also claim that it’s important for us.

Also, it’s worth remembering that fast food, as well as alcohol and smoking, affect our skin negatively. They start and speed up the ageing processes.

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