Glow in Winters with Some Skin Care Tips

Brrrr, its cold outside colder weather signals more than a need for warm clothing. It also means it’s time to transition with your clients to a winter skin care regimen- both in the office and at home ( Alxendra Lnnes)

Many women dread cold winter and its effect on their skin. A new season calls for some changes on your beauty routine in order to keep breakouts, flaky patches and dry skin at bay.

Here I am sharing some tips with you about skin care in winters

Too much Moisture

It should sense comfy if good moisture suit your skin. Good moisture will not leave any oil at your skin. You should always try to use a moisture containing SFP. In winters, nights creams should be used at nigh time.

Over Exfoliating

Regular exfoliation is essential for a smooth, healthy-looking complexion but there’s a danger that you could be over strip your skin without realizing it. But over exfoliating harms skin in winters.

Don’t take Long Shower

Don’t take long showers in winters with hot water. It affects the out layer of skin and damaged it.

Use Lemon

Use Chinese ancient formula in winters (Put lemon in water). It will give freshness to your skin.

Wash with Good Cleansing

Regular wash your skin with good cleansing lotion or cream. This will keep your skin healthy and safe.

Proper Diet

Always try to have proper diet consist of fresh fruits and vegetables. You can also use soup of fresh vegetables. Beside this, try to drink minimum twelve glasses of waters in winter. Plenty of water in winters or summers detoxifies your skin.

Use Chap Stick on lip Sticks

Some people cannot bear intensity of winters and their lips get cracked. To protect your lips from cracking, always use good Chap Stick. Chap Stick will keep moist your lips.

Use Body Screens

Always use body screens in winters. With face skin it is is necessary to protect skin of your body.

Use Body Butters

Body butters play vital role in skin care. Body butters are thicker than body lotion or creams. They have ability to stay longer in your skin. They protect your skin from winters.

Use Good Face Mask

If you have dry skin, try to use good mask of almond. Lemon face masks are good for oily skins.

Don’t Change your Products

If you want to have good skin, change your skin products after three months. A good skin care product always takes time of twenty one days to show its results.

While your skin is a living organ that constantly regenerates itself, the right skin care can improve its look, shine and elasticity.  There are a lot of products available easily in market for skin care. Always buy such products which are suitable for your skin.



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