Getting Tanned For Summer, The Safe Way

Most people enjoy a well deserved break after toiling for the year. This usually involves visiting sun kissed beaches and showing off great bodies during adventure getaways. The best accessory for such an experience is usually a great tan. As much as looking good is a prerequisite for most, there are some issues that crop up with that. To stop the risk of early ageing and a myriad of skin cancers, there are some tips one can follow to get a tan in a safe and wholesome way.

To begin with, make sure to avoid sunbeds by all means. A ‘healthy’ tan is virtually impossible to get from a salon or day spa. This has to do with the copious amounts of ultra violet rays emitted by a tanning bed during the process. Studies show that by frequenting sunbeds one becomes extremely vulnerable to skin cancer.

Another consideration as you go out is to use the correct sun lotion. A ‘broad spectrum’ product with a high resistance to UVA rays is a great way to make sure you are healthy and safe when basking in the sun. A generous SPF also comes in handy as well.

While most people are keen to get their tanned body it is important to take a slow approach rather than rushing the process. By taking pauses in between times that one spends under the sun regulates the concentration of UV rays that the skin is exposed to. This results in healthier and hardier skin that is less susceptible to disease.

Some salons and beauticians peddle the word that certain products are ‘tan – accelerating’ and can help build a great looking tan. This however has not been substantiated by any area of science and may just be a waste of money. The skin tone one has is influenced by the manufacture of melanin in the body. These creams and products have no bearing on the amount of melanin the body makes.

In all, there needs to be a balance between aesthetics and healthy skin. While one may want to look their best in any situation, this needn’t come at the expense of health and well being.

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