Fall Skincare Routine – Part Two

Here we bring you the second, and last, part of our “Fall skincare routine” articles.


When in doubt, consider all your personal factors together—age, the climate you live in, skin type, etc.—and then decide what works best for you. An 37-year-old in the northeast will likely need a more intense cream, for example, while a recent college grad living in a temperate climate could get away with a serum (the new SPF serum from Supergoop is excellent) and a lightweight moisturizer. If you’re unsure, check with a dermatologist for individualized recommendations. “I’m getting older, so my skin needs a little more attention. Things I wasn’t using 10 years ago, I definitely need to use right now. I like a much richer face moisturizer in the winter because it’s luscious and luxurious and penetrating,” says Goetz. “But for a younger person that might be way too rich.”

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