Fall Skincare Routine – Part One

A lot of the time people think, “I’m going to use this one product all the time.” But not only does the weather change, seasons change and hormones change. You have to pick out the right products for the right time. Here are some top tips for transitioning you beauty regimen from late summer heat to crisp autumn chill.

Get Your Scrub On

Though you might think that exfoliation would exacerbate dryness, a skin-sloughing agent is actually the best way to treat parched, flaky skin. Fall is a great time to introduce a face or body scrub once or twice a week, to treat all those different dry areas. For your face, try a gentler option like Dermatologica’s Microfoliant, and for scaly tough spots like elbows and the bottoms of your feet, try a peppermint body scrub, which gives you a deliciously cool sensation.

Change Up Your Moisturizer

People who tend to be a bit oilier don’t have a need to moisturize as much in the summer. But it’s typically much drier in, say, New York during the fall, so if you live there, you need a little more hydration than you do in the summer. Brisk temperatures and occasionally biting wind means it’s a good time to reach for a power-packed, slightly thicker moisturizer. If you were using just a serum when it was hot out, swap in a heavier duty cream.

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