Easing Into Adolescence: How To Deal With Acne

imageIn every person’s growth span, there comes an awkward period, by the name of teenagehood. In this time, all hell breaks loose, as the body undergoes necessary changes. One of the scourges that most go through in this time is acne. This is a skin condition that has such symptoms as cysts, blackheads and skin bumps. While most adults’ advice is to just toughen up and wait for it to pass, there are some remedies that can be taken to mitigate or even eliminate the unpleasantness of acne.

The first issue that most children suffer is spots. Only a handful of teenagers actually go through this trying period without suffering from this affliction. Studies have shown that one way to reduce the impact of breakouts and blemishes is to keep skin clean and clear. Hormonal changes in teenagers will result in excess sebum or oil accumulating on the face. By regularly washing the face and removing make up before going to bed, one can reduce the oil deposits that settle on the skin surface.

In severe cases, there are over the counter treatments that one can also turn to for instant relief. These can take the form of gels, ointment or lotion. In such cases, keeping clean may not be enough as the hormonal imbalance resulting from the development process, increases the sebaceous glands in the skin. This may lead to normally harmless skin bacteria infecting hair follicles, giving rise to redness and pimples that contain puss.

Another way to ensure healthy skin is including organic remedies to your diet. Herbal solutions can take the form of bacteria killing disinfectants or anti – inflammatory agents that reduce the effect of infections. Though these may not be as effective as pharmaceutical treatments, they do not carry with them side effects.
The last thing to consider is to avoid unnecessarily touching one’s face. When infected with acne it is usually a reflexive response to scratch or pick at pimples. This may offer temporary relief but it only serves to spread the bacteria across the width of the face. In situations where irritation occurs, rather use a warm cloth to gently dab pimples and infected areas.

While acne may be impossible to avoid as one grows, these measures can do a lot to reduce the suffering and scarring that often results.

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