Debunking Skincare Myths

imageIn the pursuit for the perfect skin, there are many solutions and remedies that one comes across. While some have their basis in science, old housewives’ tales are rampant. It can be difficult to tell what is real and what is fiction. Though innumerable, there are some myths that have been circulated relating to skincare and how to keep healthy, supple skin. Today, we debunk some of these long held falsehoods.

The first one has to do with washing one’s face. Growing up I used to want to hear a certain squeak as I cleansed my face…I guess it was the proverbial ‘squeaky clean feel.’ There is a belief that one’s skin has to feel tight after going through one’s bathing routine. This is not necessarily true. The skin is in large part water, as a result should feel elastic and supple under normal circumstances. If after a bath, your skin is left feeling taut, you may be using a soap that is way too unforgiving. Rather go for a brand that hydrates like glycerin, to leave your skin feeling fresh and healthy.

Another myth which occurs more in practice than most others has to do with the rate at which lotions and crèmes work. The idea that if a product doesn’t show immediate, visible results, one should ditch it, is often misguided. With most skin regimens, the key is in consistency and repetition. Most products work by correcting the chemical balance in the skin and this is seldom an immediate process. If anything, products that offer lighting fast results, such as lightening creams, are often toxic to the skin and can inflict lasting damage on you.

Coming back to the washing regime, it is not a scientifically proven fact that on needs to wash their face twice a day. Unless one is exposed to exceptionally dirty or polluted environments, there may be no actual need to wash your face twice, daily. To get the most of your cleansing regime, it is better to have a wash in the evening or towards the end of the day to get rid of dust, smoke and other pollutants that your skin encounters in the environment.

Although adequate skincare is required to maintain great and healthy skin, there is no reason to get stuck in baseless routines that may not be substantiated.

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