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Sun: The Skin’s Worst Enemy

If you want to avoid wrinkles, age spots and a number of other skin issues, you may want to think twice about spending a day sun bathing at the beach. One of the biggest factors in skin problems is too much sun exposure, not to mention the increase of skin cancer. Although your skin needs some vitamin D, limiting your sun exposure is important. Here are some tips on how to protect your skin.


Always make sure to use sunscreen when going out in the sun. Make sure you use generously as most people underestimate the amount needed. Make sure to use one with broad-spectrum and an SPF higher than 15. Make sure you apply every two hours or more if you’re perspiring or swimming.

Stay In The Shade

Whenever you plan on spending the day outdoors, make sure that you stay under the shade. The sun’s rays are strongest between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., so make sure you stay protected during these times.

Protective Clothing

When spending time in the sun, make sure that your body is fully covered. Wear a tightly woven long-sleeved shirt, long pants and hats that provide shade to your face. There are also laundry additives, which will add an extra layer of ultraviolet protection on your clothing.


Skin Maladies You Can Get Rid Of At Home

Grooming and skincare is progressively catching on as an essential practice for most men while the habit has been the forte of women for a long time now. Many people go to great lengths to buy products and treatments that they hope will turn their fortunes around, making them fairer and help to get ahead. While this is a definite factor that will help in the effort, most individuals are familiar with the occasional breakout or rash that sometimes undoes all the hard work and expenditure that goes into a skincare regime. Fortunately, there are a few home remedies that one can engage the next time things go south.

The fountain of youth is a fabled portion that has been the subject of many a fairy tale as well as new age skincare products alike. This may be largely due to the terror that many face when they think of the onset of wrinkles. Basically, one develops wrinkles when the elasticity of their skin fails. This results in the development of skin folds usually around the eye and forehead area, the T – zone. A diet that is rich in antioxidants can help build a resistance to wrinkles over time. Examples include fruits, vegetables and legumes.

Dark circles are also a problem and an eyesore for most people. This is an appearance in which a dark ring forms below the eye area which is often unsightly. When one faces a high stress environment regularly and combines that with a general lack of sleep, dark circles are sure to ensue. Almond oil is known to help alleviate this challenge. By covering the circles prior to going to bed it can help to disperse the dark areas while also giving you a refreshed and alert look.

Finally the issue of dry skin is another malady that people have to endure. In excess, dry skin can bring about skin challenges like eczema. To avoid this situation, a nourishing and PH balanced moisturizer is a necessity. In this case, there are a number of options to choose from but the main ingredients to look out for are Omega 3 fatty acids. These can be found in avocado oil and many other natural oils.

Getting Tanned For Summer, The Safe Way

Most people enjoy a well deserved break after toiling for the year. This usually involves visiting sun kissed beaches and showing off great bodies during adventure getaways. The best accessory for such an experience is usually a great tan. As much as looking good is a prerequisite for most, there are some issues that crop up with that. To stop the risk of early ageing and a myriad of skin cancers, there are some tips one can follow to get a tan in a safe and wholesome way.

To begin with, make sure to avoid sunbeds by all means. A ‘healthy’ tan is virtually impossible to get from a salon or day spa. This has to do with the copious amounts of ultra violet rays emitted by a tanning bed during the process. Studies show that by frequenting sunbeds one becomes extremely vulnerable to skin cancer.

Another consideration as you go out is to use the correct sun lotion. A ‘broad spectrum’ product with a high resistance to UVA rays is a great way to make sure you are healthy and safe when basking in the sun. A generous SPF also comes in handy as well.

While most people are keen to get their tanned body it is important to take a slow approach rather than rushing the process. By taking pauses in between times that one spends under the sun regulates the concentration of UV rays that the skin is exposed to. This results in healthier and hardier skin that is less susceptible to disease.

Some salons and beauticians peddle the word that certain products are ‘tan – accelerating’ and can help build a great looking tan. This however has not been substantiated by any area of science and may just be a waste of money. The skin tone one has is influenced by the manufacture of melanin in the body. These creams and products have no bearing on the amount of melanin the body makes.

In all, there needs to be a balance between aesthetics and healthy skin. While one may want to look their best in any situation, this needn’t come at the expense of health and well being.

Debunking Skincare Myths

imageIn the pursuit for the perfect skin, there are many solutions and remedies that one comes across. While some have their basis in science, old housewives’ tales are rampant. It can be difficult to tell what is real and what is fiction. Though innumerable, there are some myths that have been circulated relating to skincare and how to keep healthy, supple skin. Today, we debunk some of these long held falsehoods.

The first one has to do with washing one’s face. Growing up I used to want to hear a certain squeak as I cleansed my face…I guess it was the proverbial ‘squeaky clean feel.’ There is a belief that one’s skin has to feel tight after going through one’s bathing routine. This is not necessarily true. The skin is in large part water, as a result should feel elastic and supple under normal circumstances. If after a bath, your skin is left feeling taut, you may be using a soap that is way too unforgiving. Rather go for a brand that hydrates like glycerin, to leave your skin feeling fresh and healthy.

Another myth which occurs more in practice than most others has to do with the rate at which lotions and crèmes work. The idea that if a product doesn’t show immediate, visible results, one should ditch it, is often misguided. With most skin regimens, the key is in consistency and repetition. Most products work by correcting the chemical balance in the skin and this is seldom an immediate process. If anything, products that offer lighting fast results, such as lightening creams, are often toxic to the skin and can inflict lasting damage on you.

Coming back to the washing regime, it is not a scientifically proven fact that on needs to wash their face twice a day. Unless one is exposed to exceptionally dirty or polluted environments, there may be no actual need to wash your face twice, daily. To get the most of your cleansing regime, it is better to have a wash in the evening or towards the end of the day to get rid of dust, smoke and other pollutants that your skin encounters in the environment.

Although adequate skincare is required to maintain great and healthy skin, there is no reason to get stuck in baseless routines that may not be substantiated.

Easing Into Adolescence: How To Deal With Acne

imageIn every person’s growth span, there comes an awkward period, by the name of teenagehood. In this time, all hell breaks loose, as the body undergoes necessary changes. One of the scourges that most go through in this time is acne. This is a skin condition that has such symptoms as cysts, blackheads and skin bumps. While most adults’ advice is to just toughen up and wait for it to pass, there are some remedies that can be taken to mitigate or even eliminate the unpleasantness of acne.

The first issue that most children suffer is spots. Only a handful of teenagers actually go through this trying period without suffering from this affliction. Studies have shown that one way to reduce the impact of breakouts and blemishes is to keep skin clean and clear. Hormonal changes in teenagers will result in excess sebum or oil accumulating on the face. By regularly washing the face and removing make up before going to bed, one can reduce the oil deposits that settle on the skin surface.

In severe cases, there are over the counter treatments that one can also turn to for instant relief. These can take the form of gels, ointment or lotion. In such cases, keeping clean may not be enough as the hormonal imbalance resulting from the development process, increases the sebaceous glands in the skin. This may lead to normally harmless skin bacteria infecting hair follicles, giving rise to redness and pimples that contain puss.

Another way to ensure healthy skin is including organic remedies to your diet. Herbal solutions can take the form of bacteria killing disinfectants or anti – inflammatory agents that reduce the effect of infections. Though these may not be as effective as pharmaceutical treatments, they do not carry with them side effects.
The last thing to consider is to avoid unnecessarily touching one’s face. When infected with acne it is usually a reflexive response to scratch or pick at pimples. This may offer temporary relief but it only serves to spread the bacteria across the width of the face. In situations where irritation occurs, rather use a warm cloth to gently dab pimples and infected areas.

While acne may be impossible to avoid as one grows, these measures can do a lot to reduce the suffering and scarring that often results.