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Eat those products for having a beautiful skin

The nutrients that are taken by our organism from the products we consume influence our skin health. That’s why you should pay closer attention to what you eat. Here are the most useful foods for your face skin.

1.Broccoli, citrus fruits, red peppers, strawberries

This group of products is important for our body due to its main component, Vitamin C. It is responsible for collagen formation. The more collagen we have, the fewer wrinkles appear on the surface of your skin. Eating those products allows making your face look much better.

2.Almonds and sunflower seeds.

Nuts and sunflower seeds are useful due to their antioxidants. They help our body in protection from the UV-rays. They also help our skin layers’ top levels to stay healthy for providing us, even more, protection and for keeping hydration inside our body.


It’s not a surprising fact that vegetables are necessary for our skin because of their beta-carotenes, antioxidants and other useful components. They provide our skin with a help for fighting damages and inflammatory processes effectively.

4.Fish and meat.

This kind of food is also important: it contains enough iron, zinc and other minerals that are needed by our body. For example, iron is needed for our red blood cells that carry oxygen to skin cells, making our face look better.


Sure thing, you should not forget about the water! Hydration protects our skin from dryness, that’s why we recommend you drinking some liquid (but not coffee or tea) to fill your organism.

4 harmful sleep habits for your skin

Sleep is a much more important thing for our health than we think. It both influences our mind and skin. There are various ways that sleep influences our beauty in. Let’s talk about them in this article.

1.The placing face on a pillow.

Sleeping on your stomach or on your side results in more wrinkles on your face. It’s a scientifically proven fact, by the way. Besides, a lasting contact with the skin face with a pillow is negative because of the dirt. Your pillow surface isn’t perfectly clean, that’s why dermatologists’ best solution is sleeping on the back.

2.Forgetting to remove your makeup.

The duty of each woman before going to bed is a removal of all her makeup and cleaning the face. The reason for this is obvious: dirt, oil and harmful free radicals from the air are gathered on your face during the day. If you leave them on your face skin, they will seep into the pores, causing negative results that include dryness, infection and irritation.

3.Alcohol before sleep is bad for our skin.

Drinking any kind of alcoholic drinks is bad for your face skin as well. It also relates to other beverages, like coffee or soda. The results of your evening drinking may appear on your face in the morning.

4.Wear your hair up when you sleep.

The natural oil of your hair may cause irritation on your face. If you use any hair shampoo or conditioner, they may influence negatively as well, clogging your pores. That’s why dermatologists say you should hair up before going to bed.

A simple habit to make your skin look better

There are thousands of different techniques for making your skin look good. They include special skincare lotions and creams, different masks and DIY-methods, which can affect your skin positively, making it more attractive.

Some of the solutions may be natural, while others, on opposite, may belong to the synthetically-produced ones. Anyway, they are demanded and used by the women, who care about their appearance and do their best to look better.

Some of the solutions are aimed to make your face look more shiny, to have a good-looking glowing effect. They are popular among the women, ready to pay for this. In fact, there are real ways to achieve the same kind of good and attractive outlook, using the simple and free technique.

According to the opinion of Renee Rouleau, who is a professional aesthetician, you don’t need to purchase anything or to go anywhere for making your skin look better. All you have to do is a simple exercise, which is available for you in any situation, whether you are at home or outdoors. It should be done during your yoga training or even simply when you lie on the side of your bed. 3 minutes of such a hanging allows blood to come into your head, which results in having an attractive, shiny face skin.

The effect, according to Rouleau, comes soon after you complete this exercise. It starts with a redness on your skin, which then becomes an inner glow.

Man Up: Skin Care Hints To Bring Out That Knight In Shining Armour

man-67467_640For a long time, grooming and deportment was mainly the domain of women, conscious about fashion and how their appearance fit into this system. A quick dash into the bathroom, followed by soaping one’s face before drying oneself up, has long been the routine for most men. However, times are changing and the new age metro-sexual man is fast becoming cognisant of the need to spruce up his appearance including the way his skin looks and feels. This unfortunately is still fairly new ground for most guys and if you happen to be in that demographic, then this article is just for you. With a few adjustments in your grooming practice as well as consistency, you too may enjoy great looking, supple skin.

Top of the list is prioritizing cleanliness of the skin. Though it may sound obvious, it is imperative that one uses a mild cleanser that will leave the skin feeling fresh and squeaky clean. Things to avoid are uncomfortably hot showers and using callous soaps. These dry out one’s skin, leaving it ashy and rather unappealing.

Something else to keep in mind is the shaving process. Though it may seem reasonable to purchase low cost shaving razors, frugality may be your downfall in the quest for baby soft skin. Choosing a razor that does not comfortably get the job down or fails to offer the requisite sensitivity, the end result can be unsightly razor bumps and itchy skin. Combining a good razor with a reasonable shaving gel can have amazing results for your skin.

The above tips really fall away, for as long as one fails to implement a high-quality moisturizing regime. Moisturizing is the crowning glory of the wash process, hydrating and nourishing the skin, thus keeping it looking smooth and healthy all day long.

The last thing to be aware of is the use of sunblock or sunscreen. Having done all the work to achieve the look, it would all be futile if one lets the vicious sun’s rays get to one’s skin. Prolonged exposure can cause redness, skin cancers and irritations. With these skincare suggestions in tow, you are set to change your look and possibly drive the ladies crazy while you are at it.

The benefits of Avocado for Skin Care Treatments

Naturally, avocados have a huge amount of positive health benefits when consumed- so what about if you put some on your skin?

Avocados are the perfect mother nature moisturizer for your skin, to help keep it rejuvenated, soft and healthy. Many health care companies are now selling high amounts of avocado health care products from creams to moisturizers.

There are many ways of applying the avocado to the skin, different health care professionals, beauty specialists and medical publishers recommend a variety of different techniques. People have used avocado for many years to keep their skin young, healthy and soft.

Simply remove your makeup, wash your face, mash up some avocado and mix it with milk and apply to your facial areas, like a face mask. It’s recommended leaving it on for several minutes before washing it off.

Eating avocado drops your cholesterol level, you can also use avocado to reduce muscle inflammations. The oils work naturally to help soothe your body, how amazing is that! It can help your skin literally repair itself.

Avocado can be applied to red, itchy areas to help soothe it. It’s essentially a miracle natural healer, the perfect come remedy for your skin conditions. Keep yourself healthy and pick up some avocados on the way home!