An activated charcoal for your beauty

It’s worth saying that the activated charcoal has been used by people for treating the alcohol poisoning for years. It’s a natural solution, which has a strong ability to absorb the toxins, preventing them from getting into our bloodstream. It’s cheap, available in every drugstore, but still an effective way for everyone.

The beauty industry also implemented this solution. It uses the principle of the activated charcoal’s action for absorption of the harmful for our skin things, like oil and dirt. Their removal makes our face look much better, as well as cleans its top layer, improving its health.

According to the cosmetic chemist Ni’Kita Wilson, the activate charcoal is simple in action. It allows removing the dirt from pores, cleaning them and making our skin fresher. The charcoal, as well as all the dirt, gets removed after you wash up.

For making the usage of charcoal for your personal needs, many different cosmetic products were developed. Their aim is to deliver the benefits of the natural activated charcoal to the customer. Some of the products are designed with some basis, which interacts with the skin in some specific way. For example, the product, manufactured by Boscia brand, is designed to melt into the skin. Then, after its removal, it also keeps all of the dirt with itself.

Some of the cosmetic solutions, containing the activated charcoal, are developed as masks. They harden after the appealing, in order to be removed with the top layer of skin.

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