4 things you should know about skin cancer

There are several rules that should be known by everyone, who is taking care of one’s health. They are related to our skin health in general and to skin cancer in particular. Actually, in this article, we would like to provide you with important information about the ways we can bring harm to our skin.

1.Forget about the healthy tan.

Everyone likes tanning, but in the very same time, everyone forgets what tan really is. We consider brown-colored, bronze skin to be the sign of the healthy and strong body. The reality is that tanned skin means damaged skin that fights the UV-rays from the sun. It also means that while tanning your skin, you increase your chances to have a skin cancer. That’s why there is no such thing as a healthy tan.

2.Use sunscreen even if it’s cloudy.

A cloudy weather doesn’t mean that there are no UV-rays that damage your skin. They still access our bodies, but their intensity is lower. In spite of this, the blue-eyed and redheaded people are still under the risk of getting sunburns even when the sky is cloudy.

The same advice should be given to those, who go tanning when the weather is cold.

3.Protective clothing is also required

Sunscreen is effective enough when it’s talked about the general protection of our body. But it’s still not enough for our eyes, necks and heads. They are influenced by the sun in their own way, that’s why you shouldn’t forget about eyeglasses, broad-brimmed hats and other useful stuff.

4.Take care of your skin when you are young.

The most common form of skin cancer – melanoma – occurs mostly in the ages between 25 and 29. That’s why you should pay attention to the given above and other safety tips to protect your skin healthily and stay young and beautiful.

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