4 harmful sleep habits for your skin

Sleep is a much more important thing for our health than we think. It both influences our mind and skin. There are various ways that sleep influences our beauty in. Let’s talk about them in this article.

1.The placing face on a pillow.

Sleeping on your stomach or on your side results in more wrinkles on your face. It’s a scientifically proven fact, by the way. Besides, a lasting contact with the skin face with a pillow is negative because of the dirt. Your pillow surface isn’t perfectly clean, that’s why dermatologists’ best solution is sleeping on the back.

2.Forgetting to remove your makeup.

The duty of each woman before going to bed is a removal of all her makeup and cleaning the face. The reason for this is obvious: dirt, oil and harmful free radicals from the air are gathered on your face during the day. If you leave them on your face skin, they will seep into the pores, causing negative results that include dryness, infection and irritation.

3.Alcohol before sleep is bad for our skin.

Drinking any kind of alcoholic drinks is bad for your face skin as well. It also relates to other beverages, like coffee or soda. The results of your evening drinking may appear on your face in the morning.

4.Wear your hair up when you sleep.

The natural oil of your hair may cause irritation on your face. If you use any hair shampoo or conditioner, they may influence negatively as well, clogging your pores. That’s why dermatologists say you should hair up before going to bed.

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