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How to have a healthy skin? Here are some tips!

It’s not a secret that having a healthy and good looking skin is not a single-time approach. It’s definitely the long-term strategy, based on the regular activities and choices. In this article we’d like to look at some of them.
1.Your breakfast influences your skin
Nutritionists claim that your breakfast influences your skin a lot. All you need is have it regularly. Your breakfast should be balanced as well, in order to meet the needs of your body. Consume different fruits and vegetables, fish and diary, in order to make your skin look healthy.
2.Be aware of dryness
Dry skin is not a healthy condition for your face. Use some special solutions for moisturizing. Some women choose special lotions and creams, while other prefer sprays with all of the necessary minerals to protect their skin.
3.Are you stressed?
Stress may not influence your nerves only. It is dangerous for your skin as well. A special hormone, which is released by our body in stress, causes negative consequences for our face, including psoriasis, breakouts, etc.
4.Some products are your enemies
You may even not to know about it, but some of the products you consume are your real enemies. For example, a soda, which contains sodium, belongs to such ones. It influences your skin negatively, making it look older. Simply stop drinking it and you’ll be amazed at the results!
5.Eat less sugar!
Sugar, containing in sweets, is dangerous not for our teeth only. It is also the enemy for our skin collagen, limiting its regeneration.

Top reasons of your dull skin

It’s not a secret, that most of the women dream about the healthy, shiny and glowing skin on their face. However, sometimes, for some reasons, our face becomes dull and grey, making our whole appearance less attractive. In this article, we’d like to describe the top reasons for becoming our face dull and the ways we can stop it.

First of all, let’s mention exfoliating. Getting rid of the top layer of old cells of your skin is the only way you can see its fresh background. Besides, it’s a good solution for making the cosmetical products penetrate better inside your skin.

Not enough moisture in your skin is also a reason of becoming your face skin dull. In such a situation, the surface of a skin covers with lots of wrinkles and cracks, which results in a less attractive outlook. Use some good moisturizer, if you want your skin shine again.

Many types of research have shown, that sleeping is the only way to restore your organism and to recharge its power. If you sleep enough, your skin will remain healthy as well. On the other hand, the lack of sleep will result in dull skin, which won’t be so attractive, as you wish.

There are also some common reasons for becoming your skin less glowing. Unhealthy diet, including junk food; smoking, drinking alcohol – all of these factors have also a bad impact on the skin of any human. So, in order to look better, avoid them, if you can.

Why do you have those under eyes circles?

Circles under our eyes may have different reasons – that’s why it’s not possible to answer the question why do you have them for sure. However, in this article, we’ll try to list some of the most common factors that lead to the dark circles under your eyes.

So, the first reason of under eyes circles is genetics. You should probably know some people, who have these circles for the whole life. They’ve become the part of their image, their appearance. It means, that their parents or grandparents had the same type of circles.

Another reason for dark circles is rubbing. It causes the inflammation processes and the broken blood vessels under your skin in the eyes area. As a result, the dark circles appear. One more factor, influencing our skin, in the same way, is an allergy. It makes us itch our eyes and, in the same way, makes us broke our smallest blood vessels as well.

Makeup may be another enemy for our appearance if we are talking about the unattractive dark circles. It may either cause allergic reactions (leading to itching) or create visual circles on your own.

Just like the genetics, one more factor, which can’t be fixed by us, is our face bone structure. Because of the bones, creating a shadow under your eyes, the people around you may see the circles we are talking about. Fighting them may include a smart using of some makeup.