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Keeping your skin healthy is easy (Part 1)

Our skin is something like an indicator, which shows the condition of our organism clearly. If you lead an unhealthy way of life, your skin will definitely show it – and no cosmetical solutions will help you. Here are some advises on how to keep your skin healthy without additional efforts!

1.The diet

Eating leads to consuming some resources, found in foods, by our body. That’s why your diet is a basement for the whole health of your organism and skin in particular. It must be either well-balanced (so that you had an opportunity to get all of the nutrients you need), or contain some useful elements, which influence your skin positively. For example, all of the nutritionists claim, that consuming the greens is the correct path for the healthy you.

2.The sun

Lying in the sun is a good habit, which brings relax and joy in our life. However, it can be dangerous for our skin (especially for the facial one). That’s why we strongly recommend you to cover your face with some kind of protective lotion or any other solution, which lowers the negative effect of sun radiation.


Everyone talks the phone. It’s the part of our daily life, – to talk with our friends, family and so on. But the truth is that the phone is a huge resource of bacterias, which contact with your skin. The consequences are obvious.

You should care for your skin hygiene anywhere and anytime. It’s a ‘number one rule’ if you want to have a good-looking face skin.

4 homemade masks for the health of your skin

Sometimes our skin needs some help, in order to stay beautiful and healthy. It may need some additional nutrients, which can be found in some natural products, which may be even represented in our nutrition.

So, what products healthy masks for skin can be made of? Let’s check it out!


Everyone knows about the bunch of useful properties of honey, which can affect our skin positively. They can help your dry skin get much better, hydrating it, in order to reach the necessary condition. Besides, it has heals wounds, what makes our skin look healthier.


Milk has a lot of properties, which are useful for your skin as well. This natural product makes our skin softer, which is an undoubtful bonus for your body. Therapists also advise adding some honey for bringing some anti-bacterial effect.


This product is rich in antioxidants, which are so helpful, in order to make your skin younger. They help to get rid of old skin cells and to look much better, after a couple of procedures already! Skin masks, made of papaya can also contain honey and lemon, in order to strengthen the effect.


Another tasteful product, which can help our skin, is strawberry. It contains salicylic acid, which is also an ingredient in many cosmetic solutions for the health of your skin. The strawberry mask is perfect for those, who have oily, unhealthy face skin. It can be also improved with an addition of other components, like lemon or honey.

The disadvantages of anti-wrinkle creams

Each woman, no matter how old she is, dreams about having nice and smooth skin. If she is 20-25 years old only, it’s not a problem for her to keep her face looking pretty with no big efforts. However, as soon as a woman gets older, her face starts getting first wrinkles, which may look not so attractively. She notices them and, naturally, uses some anti-wrinkle solutions, which are highly promoted by TV ads. But are the anti-wrinkle creams really so great, as they are described on TV? We have some serious doubts about it. Let’s find out some of the most common cons of the wrinkle creams.

1.The cost. Price is the real problem for many women, who would like to use an anti-wrinkle cream on a regular basis. Some of them are offered for more than $55 so that it’s not an affordable solution for everyone.

2.The actual results. Many creams influence your skin in a specific way. They just exfoliate the dead cells from your face, creating a good look for your skin. However, it’s a simple and temporary solution. In several days your wrinkles will become visible again. So that you’ll have to use your cream again.

3.Side effects. There are several ways your anti-wrinkle cream can influence your skin negatively. For example, one of them is the irritation. It can become the result of high dryness of your skin, influenced by the active components in your cream. It can lead to some more serious problems, so that we advice you to visit your doctor before you use the cream.

Sleep in order to keep healthy skin

Scientists have proven, that a good sleep is necessary for our healthy skin.If a persons sleeps less, than it’s needed – some healthy problems to her skin may occur. In this article we are going to reveal some life-important facts, which relate to the influence of amount of sleep on the health of our skin. Let’s learn more about this in the current article.

1.Sleep well in order to protect

Our skin, just like the immune system in general, has its own level of protection, which should be supported in order to fight with some viruses and bacterias. As soon, as your protection level decreases, because of the lack of sleep, your organism becomes much more vulnerable. As a result, psoriaz or eczema can happen.

2.Sleep influences our water balance

While sleeping, our organism takes care of the whole water balance in our body. It leads to a proper skin moisturizing and its natural beauty recovering. However, the lack of sleep influences the hydration of the skin negatively, which results in bags and circles under your eyes. The wrong water balance also brings some more wrinkles to your face.

3.Lack of sleep launches aging processes

While being asleep, our body produces new cells, which appear instead of the old ones. However, the lack of sleep makes these processes stop. Later it becomes much more visible.

There are much more reasons, why you should sleep well, if you want to look great.

What you should do with your oily skin?

Every girl, who has got oily skin on her face, suffers from various issues. They include bothering shine, which can spoil any photo with you; regular breakouts, oily texture, which is well felt when you touch your face. All of these issues can be solved, if you follow some simple instructions, listed in this article. They include advices, which can help you provide a needed care for your skin on a daily basis.

1.Forget about moisturizers

As you can feel, your skin is already moisturized. That’s the reason why you should never use moisturizers, – they are aimed at some dry skin types. It’s much better for you to wash your face with a gel.

2.Salicylic acid is your friend

A universal tool, which can help you forget about the oily texture of your face is salicylic acid. It removes fats, opening the pores and making your skin ‘breathe’. It is effective in order to avoid the appearance of blackheads.

3.Blotting paper for washing your face

If you’ve got an oily skin, you should probably know, how it’s difficult to wash your face in a proper way. Dermatologists don’t recommend washing with water and some cleansers too often. That’s why in order to clean your skin during the day, you can use a blotting paper. It just removes some oil, allowing your skin to breathe. You can repeat this procedure several times a day with no risk to bring harm to your skin.