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The top-3 most effective products for your dry skin

You know, hot it can be difficult to keep your skin healthy. If you have a dry type of skin, it becomes even harder: different environmental factors (like heat or cold, for example), influence your skin negatively. In order to do something with this, you should use some special set of products. Here are some of their names and descriptions. Remember, they won’t suit for the oily skin, but they are perfect for the dry one.

Vanicream seems to be ‘number one’ moisturizing product for a skin. Thanks to its formula, Vanicream hydrates our skin, making it much better. The advantage of this product is in its affordable price and the presence in any drugstore’s assortment.

Another good product for your dry skin is CeraVe. As a rule, it is supplied in the cream-format, but some forums reviews say that it can also be in a lotion formula. That’s the advantage – you can choose any type of the format you’d like. There is also the variety of jar sizes of CeraVe as well. Its cost is under 18$ in most of local drugstores.

One more good solution for your dry skin is Neutrogena Norwegian Formula – a product, which has a little bit different mechanism of action. It doesn’t just moisturize your skin, but also helps it keep the moisture and save its good look. The results of its action can be seen up to 24 hours on your face.

You can try any of these or any other products and leave a reply about the results of its action.