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Debunking Skincare Myths

imageIn the pursuit for the perfect skin, there are many solutions and remedies that one comes across. While some have their basis in science, old housewives’ tales are rampant. It can be difficult to tell what is real and what is fiction. Though innumerable, there are some myths that have been circulated relating to skincare and how to keep healthy, supple skin. Today, we debunk some of these long held falsehoods.

The first one has to do with washing one’s face. Growing up I used to want to hear a certain squeak as I cleansed my face…I guess it was the proverbial ‘squeaky clean feel.’ There is a belief that one’s skin has to feel tight after going through one’s bathing routine. This is not necessarily true. The skin is in large part water, as a result should feel elastic and supple under normal circumstances. If after a bath, your skin is left feeling taut, you may be using a soap that is way too unforgiving. Rather go for a brand that hydrates like glycerin, to leave your skin feeling fresh and healthy.

Another myth which occurs more in practice than most others has to do with the rate at which lotions and crèmes work. The idea that if a product doesn’t show immediate, visible results, one should ditch it, is often misguided. With most skin regimens, the key is in consistency and repetition. Most products work by correcting the chemical balance in the skin and this is seldom an immediate process. If anything, products that offer lighting fast results, such as lightening creams, are often toxic to the skin and can inflict lasting damage on you.

Coming back to the washing regime, it is not a scientifically proven fact that on needs to wash their face twice a day. Unless one is exposed to exceptionally dirty or polluted environments, there may be no actual need to wash your face twice, daily. To get the most of your cleansing regime, it is better to have a wash in the evening or towards the end of the day to get rid of dust, smoke and other pollutants that your skin encounters in the environment.

Although adequate skincare is required to maintain great and healthy skin, there is no reason to get stuck in baseless routines that may not be substantiated.

Easing Into Adolescence: How To Deal With Acne

imageIn every person’s growth span, there comes an awkward period, by the name of teenagehood. In this time, all hell breaks loose, as the body undergoes necessary changes. One of the scourges that most go through in this time is acne. This is a skin condition that has such symptoms as cysts, blackheads and skin bumps. While most adults’ advice is to just toughen up and wait for it to pass, there are some remedies that can be taken to mitigate or even eliminate the unpleasantness of acne.

The first issue that most children suffer is spots. Only a handful of teenagers actually go through this trying period without suffering from this affliction. Studies have shown that one way to reduce the impact of breakouts and blemishes is to keep skin clean and clear. Hormonal changes in teenagers will result in excess sebum or oil accumulating on the face. By regularly washing the face and removing make up before going to bed, one can reduce the oil deposits that settle on the skin surface.

In severe cases, there are over the counter treatments that one can also turn to for instant relief. These can take the form of gels, ointment or lotion. In such cases, keeping clean may not be enough as the hormonal imbalance resulting from the development process, increases the sebaceous glands in the skin. This may lead to normally harmless skin bacteria infecting hair follicles, giving rise to redness and pimples that contain puss.

Another way to ensure healthy skin is including organic remedies to your diet. Herbal solutions can take the form of bacteria killing disinfectants or anti – inflammatory agents that reduce the effect of infections. Though these may not be as effective as pharmaceutical treatments, they do not carry with them side effects.
The last thing to consider is to avoid unnecessarily touching one’s face. When infected with acne it is usually a reflexive response to scratch or pick at pimples. This may offer temporary relief but it only serves to spread the bacteria across the width of the face. In situations where irritation occurs, rather use a warm cloth to gently dab pimples and infected areas.

While acne may be impossible to avoid as one grows, these measures can do a lot to reduce the suffering and scarring that often results.

Which Spa Treatment Is Right For You

massage-486700_640Given the busy lifestyles that most individuals lead, as well as an insatiable need to relax and unwind, spa treatments make for the perfect gift for anyone looking to recharge. In as much as spa treatments are well recommended for any tired soul, they also have a great effect on the state of one’s skin. From laser treatments to beauty facials, there is a myriad of options that one can opt for, on the journey to healthier and more beautiful skin. With such stakes, one may wonder how to make the right choice as to which beauty spa to choose.

Firstly, customer service is indeed king. Like most service industry – based businesses, the manner in which they treat their clients makes all the difference. Take the time to research the place, taking note of any reviews that previous visitors have on the business. What services do they offer and are there any complementary add – ons included? These are all questions that can assure a great spa treatment.

The cost of the different packages offered is also of importance. It is a good idea to select a treatment centre that offers services at a rate that matches your budget. While to some, higher prices generally indicate greater value and quality, there are always promotions and discounts that can be taken advantage of, for an affordable spa experience.

The length of time that the spa has been operational usually has a positive relationship with their expertise and skills. Given the delicate nature of skin, it is imperative that someone who is well aware of what they are doing, handles your treatment. A well established entity also has a better chance of being well stocked and using best practices. This will allow you access to leading state – of – the art facilities and beauty equipment.

Word of mouth is also a great way to learn more about different places offering the services you are looking for. Asking friends at the saloon, local supermarket or even church about their experience can give you a good idea of how the service is. Additionally, you get to see the quality of the business’ services, based on the work they may have done on your friends.