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How To Prevent Razor Burn – Part Two

After our first article about how to prevent razor burn, here we bring you the part two with some more useful tips and tricks that might be useful for you.

  1. Use a Quality Shaving Cream

Look for shaving creams that have a high concentration of lubricants and moisturizers. The best shaving creams create a rich creamy lather and do not foam up like the cheaper drug store brands. The less “foaming” in the shave cream the better, as it is what is in contact with the skin and beard that matters – all else is wasted. You want as much lubrication as possible between your skin and the razor. And, it has to have great “slip” so that the razor will glide smoothly and effortlessly across your skin. The best shave creams also lock the moisture into the whiskers, keeping them soft and upright, primed for the cut. Less resistance, less irritation, less scraping and fewer nicks. The ideal scenario is to leave the shaving cream on your face for at least a minute before you begin cutting, so that the beard is as soft and wet as possible.

  1. Make sure the Razor Blade is sharp and consider a different razor

Always use a good quality sharp razor blade. . A dull razor blade is more traumatic to the skin and is one of the contributing factors to razor burn and shaving rash. While it might seem counter intuitive, think of it like this: Have you ever cut a tomato with a dull knife? Instead of a clean cut, you end up tearing and mangling it. Now if the tomato were your face, a dull blade creates a lot of resistance and drag, pulling and tearing whiskers instead cutting them cleanly.

Depending on the toughness of your beard, change the blade somewhere between every three and every ten shaves. Regardless of the number of shaves, if the blade becomes dull, ditch it.


How To Prevent Razor Burn – Part One

First of all – what is razor burn? It’s well known that shaving can remove up to two layers of skin. Normally, that’s a good thing as this exfoliation takes away the dull looking outer layers and promotes fresh new skin growth. It’s one of the keys to healthy looking skin. (think of the billions women spend on cosmetics that help with exfoliation – guys don’t have to do that – shaving naturally exfoliates.) But where it all goes wrong is when one or more components of the shaving process is done incorrectly or skipped. Razor Burn can look like a small red rash, feature bumps or even cause infected pimples or blisters. Razor burn can also itch severely, making the skin very uncomfortable for several days. Mild cases can result in a couple of hours of discomfort and reddish skin.

  1. A proper pre-shave prep is vital

Make Sure Your Beard is Thoroughly Wet
If you suffer from razor burn and irritation, spend the extra time to make sure your beard is thoroughly wet. It is one of the most important steps to a smooth comfortable shave without irritation or razor burn. Facial hair will absorb moisture up to 30% of its volume. Hair swollen with water becomes quite weak and therefore easier to cut. Showering before shaving is the ideal way to ensure you beard is properly moistened. If a shower is not possible, rinse your face and then apply a warm moistened towel to your face for at least a couple of minutes. Never shave cold or apply shaving products to a dry face – this is one of the leading causes of razor burn and shaving rash.

Get Rid Of A Pimple Overnight

It’s in your genes to have nice, smooth and clean skin. And you usually don’t have problems with pimples – until something big comes! Tomorrow you have an important meeting or maybe a wedding and you have to get rid of a pimple very fast? This article will show you some tips and tricks on how you can get rid of that annoying thing over just one night.

Rule number 1 – squeeze only headed pimples, otherwise you’ll make a big problem on your face! If you feel the pain when you squeeze your pimple, you’re still in the inflammation process, and squeezing it is probably not the best possible idea. When the time comes, take a cotton pad and a sanitizer for disinfection, provide good lighting and get to work!

Rule number 2 – After squeezing, wait for an hour to apply wound-healing remedies. Many people make mistake and put something on the pimple right away. It’s crucial to wait for at least an hour – then the healing remedies will benefit you the most.

Rule number 3 – In the morning, after washing your face, take an ice cube and wipe your face with it. It will reduce the swelling and possible return of inflammation. Apply healing cream, light powder and you’re ready to go!