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Skin Care Products 101

Knowing what products work together, how they benefit your skin, and the order in which to use them is incredibly important when selecting the best skincare routine for you. Keep in mind that if you have multiple skincare concerns, you may need to add more than one treatment or targeted treatment product. You may be able to add one targeted treatment product to your routine, or you might need to alternate its use with the other products. With a more advanced routine, some experimentation is needed to discover which method and frequency of application works best.


A gentle, water-soluble cleanser removes debris, oil and makeup. Keep in mind that rinsing with water is not enough to clean your face. When your face is clean, it allows the other products you use to work even better, morning and evening.


Well-formulated toners smooth, soften and calm skin, while removing the last traces of makeup. They also add vital skin-repairing ingredients after cleansing. Toners with skin-repairing ingredients hydrate and replenish the skin’s surface immediately after cleansing. They also help reduce redness and dry patches.


Exfoliants are there to gently remove built-up dead skin cells, revealing new skin. Sun damage causes skin to become abnormally thick. Acne and oily skin complicate this further. Exfoliating eliminates this build-up, which otherwise would cause clogged pores, uneven skin ton, dullness and deeper wrinkles.

Targeted Treatments

These products are optional extras you can add, depending on your personal skincare concerns. Examples include products such as facial masks, oil-blotting papers and lip care. These products may be needed as an extra step to hydrate sin, absorb excess oil, calm skin or treat a special need or occasional skin concern.

Refresh Your Skin

It may sound unusual, but not only does your body need diet, but your skin needs it sometimes, too. This literarily means that sometimes you have to eat certain types of food in order to make your skin look better. Perfect, silky skin means a lot to the majority of women, so let’s have a look at foods you should eat while you’re on a “skin diet”.

• Carrots

Carrots are known for their numerous benefits. For example, most people know that carrots are good for eyes, but only a few of them know that carrot can also be very beneficial for skin. Vitamin A, which can be found in carrots, helps prevent the overproduction of cells in the skin’s outer layer (that’s where dead cells and sebum combine and clog pores). Vitamin A also reduces the development of skin-cancer cells.

• Flax seeds

These seeds contain omega-3 fatty acids which erase spots and iron out fine lines. With only two grams (half a teaspoon) per day you can expect visible results in six weeks – less irritation and redness will be very noticeable. Also, skin will be better hydrated. The fats are believed to stifle body’s response to irritation and attract water to skin cells to plump up the skin and reduce wrinkles.

• Green tea

There’s almost nothing green tea can’t do. This magical plant is also very useful when it comes to skin care. Drinking green tea prevents skin cancer, but its antioxidants and their proven anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties are released while the tea is hot. The antioxidants in green tea start to degrade as the tea cools, so it’s recommended to drink it while it’s still hot.

Eye Cream – The Do’s And Don’ts

Every woman has her own technique of applying different beauty products. But, when it comes to applying eye cream, there are some things you should do and some things you should avoid doing. No matter what you do, remember that you always have to be gentle with your skin. If you aren’t, you’re risking damaging it.


Basically, tapping the cream is definitely the best way to apply it. Gentle massage is also acceptable. You can press the cream in, you can try light, sweeping strokes, or you can even put it on a cotton round and leave it under your eyes for a couple of minutes.

Also, give your eye cream about a minute (or longer, if possible) to absorb before you put makeup on top of it. That way your powder and concealer won’t cake up from the extra emollient base in the eye cream.


The general rule here is – don’t put too much eye cream. More product doesn’t mean it will be more effective. On the contrary, extra eye cream will creep into your eyes and irritate them. All you need to do is to put a pea-sized dab on your ring finger, then dot it on your brow bone and about a half inch underneath your eye.

Also, the skin under the eye is structured differently than the rest of the face, so it’s more delicate. If you’re really moving your skin around when you rub the cream in, you’re probably doing it too hard. Be gentle and your skin will be grateful.

Natural Products For Skin

It’s known that girls use tons of products for different purposes. They use different products for hair, body care, skin care, hands etc. Lots of chemicals can help your skin momentarily, but chemicals can also cause permanent damage. So, whenever possible, try to use natural products for your skin. Most of these products can be self-made at your home, or you might already have them at your sight, you just don’t know how to use them.

Lotions and moisturizers

For most people, pure coconut oil is all that is needed for moisturizing the face. It’s naturally full of collagen supporting lauric acid and is easily absorbed by the skin. Even for oily and ace prone skin, coconut oil’s natural anti-bacterial properties make it a great option.
For those with dry skin or those who want to prevent aging naturally, a homemade lotion bar (made from coconut oil, shea/cocoa/mango butter and beeswax) is a great option. You can even add zinc oxide to make a sunscreen bar if you need the extra protection, or alter into a natural deodorant.

Natural Exfoliators

A sugar/oil scrub is great for most skin types when extra exfoliation is needed. Just mix equal parts oil (coconut, olive…) and sugar (white or brown) and use as a whole body exfoliator. For more oily skin, plain baking soda can be used to exfoliate skin and remove blackheads or dirt.